You & the Mountains

A Massive Adventure Playground

Everyone has a spirit of adventure in them; some of us more, some of us less. We are always on the hunt for thrills and action. However, adventure is a living creature. You can most often find it above an altitude of 1,000 metres, where it seems to be the happiest. And why does it feel at home in the Nock Mountains surrounding Kirchleitn? Well, there are more than a few reasons…

Biotope of Adventure

Adventure’s ideal habitat is in a pristine natural environment and that is something we have plenty of in the Nockberge Biosphere Reserve. In summer it is the rich green of the “Nocken” (how we refer to our gentle mountains), the rustling of fields and forest in the wind and the blue shimmer of Carinthia’s lakes that will make you sigh with delight. In winter, the snow sparkles on the hillsides and trees, making it a superb sight to see. The animal inhabitants of the national park romp about between the trees, appearing briefly for the careful observer.

Adventure also loves variety and the mountains offer plenty of that. You can discover the summits or experience everything nature has to offer as a ranger-in-training, before cooling off in one of the crystal-clear lakes in Carinthia. When green mountain pastures turn white with snow, zoom down towards the valley on skis, take on a ski tour or strap on your snowshoes, and then warm up at the thermal baths after a trip through the forest and across the fields…

And finally, adventure likes things that are genuine and natural. At Kirchleitn, you will find this at every turn. In your cosy chalet apartment with an alpine cabin atmosphere in original Carinthian farmhouses, you will feel cosy and comfortable, will be reminded of “way back when”, and will feel part of the region’s rich farming tradition.

So, head to Kirchleitn in Carinthia’s Nock Mountains – where adventure lives!

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