Walk the Lama

“Do they spit?!”

That is certainly the most common question that Rudolf Eggarter gets. The llama and mountain hiking guide visits us each summer and, along with his special team of six llamas, offers special programmes based around these woolly creatures from the Andes.

Become familiar with the principles of “llama-ology” and earn your llama driver’s license on the course. Even the youngest guests can do this since llamas are so docile and gentle when you know how to treat them properly. Touch, pet, sniff each other out: once you have mastered the basics, you can head on your first tour in the Nock Mountains. In terms of altitude you can’t really compare Kirchleitn to Machu Picchu, but here also you can find the adventure of nature. Depending on the distance and route, the llamas will happily give adults, children, or entire families a ride.

And so, do they spit or not? We won’t tell you! Find out yourself on your llama walk!

Find more information at: www.lamatour.at (in german)

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