Ranger Days

Not quite Texas ... but the Nock Mountains!

A nature adventure package for kids and active adults! On this 2-day course with Biosphere Reserve rangers, you can discover the great outdoors and learn all sorts of skills for life in the forest and field. On nature’s trail, in the great outdoors – it couldn’t get much more exciting!

Become a Ranger in 2 Days – the programme:

To Set the Mood
3-D film night: Nockberge Biosphere Reserve Experience

The Adventure

  • Survival in the forest – tips and tricks
  • Build a camp in the forest
  • Trees and animals – roar or coo
  • Happy hunting!

Orientation & Survival

  • Examine the water and the creatures that live in it
  • The mill on the noisy stream rattles – clip-clap – let’s grind the grain
  • Bridge a stream with wood and stones
  • Follow the trail up to the alpine hut
  • Wildlife observation at dusk
  • Orientate yourself with compass or GPS and find your way

Life on an Alp

  • Overnight stay in the hay barn
  • Be awoken by the herdswoman
  • Alpine breakfast – throw an egg in the pan!
  • Bake bread over the campfire
  • Hands-on fun at the fishery

Graduation: Ranger Certificate

Important Info
  • For hip kids (8 and older) and cool parents
  • From the beginning of July until mid-September
  • Register at least 2 days in advance
  • Minimum number of participants: 5
  • € 59 per child/adult
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