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Tenne in the Kleinwild Village

For little ones, mealtime means: “Head to the Tenne!” In the rustic upper floor of the Bauernwirt, we prepare delicious foods for our buffet. By nature, adventure-seekers don’t say “no” to good things and for this reason we have plenty of everything here. What should you do when everything tastes so good!? Simply check out the selection once more and fill up your plate. The restaurant is decorated with old wooden beams and the sorts of vintage tools that still hang in farmers’ barns today, creating the perfect atmosphere.

Youngsters’ bellies fill up faster than adults’ - which means sitting at the table can get pretty boring … not so in the Tenne! Here kids can park themselves in the visible play area as soon as their hunger is gone. And you - you can get another helping from the delicious buffet and continue chatting with your tablemates.

Once a week, farmers from the region cook for you in the Tenne. Enjoy the authentic Carinthian specialties right from the source.
Find out more here: Nockfleisch Cooperative

Wildfütterung in the Grosswild Village

Grosswild also boasts its own rustic restaurant, in which you can put together your own breakfast, afternoon snack or dinner from our well-stocked Carinthian specialty buffet (the only thing we don’t have here is hay…). The wide variety at the Wildfütterung, located on the ground floor of the Alten Mühle, will tickle everyone’s palate. Plus, our kitchen pros show what they’re made of at our cooking demonstration station.

The decor of this rustic restaurant is typical of the region: natural larch wood on the walls and benches covered in cow hide in the lounge. Accessories made of wood and bark are reminiscent of woods and fields and the agricultural tradition of the Nock Mountains. Cosiness comes all by itself and everything tastes simply wonderful.

Video: Cuisine and the communities where it is from

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