Be a Kid in Kirchleitn

Cow Bells Instead of School Bells

In the Kleinwild Village, our four-star service is great for everyone from babies to grandma and grandpa. And that means that even your little ones can enjoy one-of-a-kind comfort. In Kirchleitn, the first holiday village in the famous “Europa-Kinderhotels” group of kid-friendly hotels, even little tots in prams will get to experience their own personalised dream holiday!

Sit still? Not for youngsters in Kirchleitn!

Kids and sitting still – in our opinion these are two things that just don’t go together. But we also think they don’t have to! For us, “kid-friendly” does not mean “you have to”, but rather “you can”. Kids can go outdoors and have their own adventures! The entire village is car-free and just waiting to be discovered by kids. New adventurer friendships will be quickly made.

Discover & Work Off your Energy

And there is plenty for curious kids to discover! Head to the playground to play and romp in the fresh air, cuddle and pet the small animals in the hutch, take on ranger training with real biosphere reserve rangers… the day will be over before you know it. But kids will want to do so much more! First go to the yummy kids buffet, then to the bonfire and the kids disco! When your children go to bed they will sleep deeply and peacefully. But we can guarantee you one thing: the next morning, they will be eager to get back to the adventure!

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