Excitingly genuine!

When it comes to our philosophy, we at Kirchleitn gladly join Jean Jacques Rousseau: retour à la nature … back to nature! You have to bend and twist enough in everyday life. On your holiday, we invite you to stand up straight again in the Kleinwild and Grosswild Villages. Here you can be yourself, surrounded by the great outdoors. Feel the wild side in you; the unchained, the gatherer, the hunter.

Here you will live as genuinely as the farmhouses you will stay in. Your pulse will meld with the rhythm of nature. Your kids will blossom, far from plastic and insincere holiday productions. In Kirchleitn, adventure is just outside your front door, every single day of your holiday. On beaten paths and hidden trails, far from dangerous traffic.

Perfect adventure holidays without kitsch and crazy parties… because even we couldn’t improve nature. Instead, we admire and respect it and want to show its beauty.

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