Kids Programme

Laugh in the meadow, whisper in the forest, giggle by the river, smile in the mountains – go ahead, try it!

Even little adventurers rambunctiously playing and romping in the fields will be amazed and stand still. That’s because suddenly nature becomes an adventure itself – and nature is all around! There is an almost endless amount of pristine mountain nature surrounding the Kleinwild and Grosswild Villages. A new experience awaits around every turn in the path. Wild animals big and small, life in the summery-fresh streams or in the winter forest… if you’re lucky, you might see a crayfish before he quickly hides again or maybe you will spot deer on the edge of the forest at dusk – that’s not something everyone can claim to have seen!

Our very well-trained childcare providers are with little ones from approx. 9:00 am until approx. 6:00 pm. They eat lunch with them and are the perfect companions to keep adventure going all day. They have the answers to many questions! Where do eggs come from? Where can we find the most and prettiest butterflies? Which games are the most fun? From laughing in the meadow to whispering in the forest, to giggling near the river and cheeky mountain grins – so much adventure is simply so much fun!

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