Nockfleisch Cooperation

Real, natural, and so good!

Together with the Nockfleisch Initiative, we invite you to a very special feast. Once a week, our kitchen team takes the day off and regional farmers take over the Kirchleitn kitchen. They will tie on their aprons and make good use of their cooking utensils. Pots and pans simmer on the stove with delicious treats and baking dishes bubble promisingly in the oven. Bacon, sausage and cheese are cut and beautifully arranged on platters and wooden serving boards…

Bon appetit!

And then the food will be served - and how! The buffet practically buckles under the weight of all the delicious, traditional Carinthian cuisine: juicy roasts, dumplings, bacon, farmhouse bread, traditional Carinthian soup (also called “festival soup”) … and you can get a piece of “Reindling” cake to go with your coffee. You won’t have to look hard for the raisins in the “Reindling” cake, there are plenty in there!

The farmers are always happy to tell you more about their homemade products, their traditional preparation and life on the farm in the Nock Mountains. Perhaps they might even fill you in on a secret recipe or two for your own kitchen at home.

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