Ski Touring and Cross-Country

Adventure on the Mountain & Trail

Ski Touring

Skiing does not always have to be done in the classic downhill way. Anyone who has gone ski touring usually doesn’t want to go back to the busy slopes. They would rather enjoy the crunch of fresh snow under their skis during their ascent and the limitless freedom of skiing down wonderful hillsides that you have all to yourself. Around Bad Kleinkirchheim, a wide range of interesting and scenic tours await you. There is even a special trail tour for beginners.

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Cross-Country Skiing

This Nordic skiing experience not only trains your entire body, from your muscles to your circulatory system, it also brings you closer to nature. On the eight-kilometre-long snowy Römer Trail (“Roman Trail”) in Bad Kleinkirchheim, you can enjoy classic or skating-style cross-country skiing through the beautiful winter landscape of the Nock Mountains and breathe in the healthy mountain air while soaking up warm sunshine. Incredible views present themselves and once you catch cross-country fever, you can take on many more tours!

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