“I love being in the mountains…”

Are you someone who thinks there is nothing better than getting up at 5:00 am, lacing up your hiking boots, slinging your backpack over your shoulder and enjoying a beautiful sunrise while racking up elevation gain? If so, then you will love it at Kirchleitn because it is in the heart of the Nock Mountains’ hiking region! But don’t worry - even if you prefer to take things a little more leisurely and would like to enjoy the mountains with “kith and kin”, there are just as many beautiful hiking trails for you and your entire group!

Where Resting is also an Experience

Between 1,050 and 2,000 metres above sea level awaits 1,000 metres of marked hiking trails amid pristine nature; mountain air that is so clean it will make you want to shout for joy; and crystal clear mountain streams and lakes. Weary hikers can relax in a comfy hammock at one of the most beautiful rest stops, and for children nature means a new adventure at every turn. This is how adventure begins for even the littlest travellers, since many hiking trails near Kirchleitn are suitable for buggies.

Our tip: Kirchleitn is located right on the Alpe Adria long-distance hiking trail.
Find more info here: Alpe Adria Trail

Those who want to save a bit of energy can comfortably reach lofty heights with the cable cars and take on just a small trek. In the healthy high-altitude air, a hearty snack will taste so much better. At one of the 40 chalets in the Nock Mountains, home-smoked bacon and speck, freshly baked bread with farm butter and homemade cheeses are tasty, genuine, and simply unmatched.

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