Your Summer is Full of Possibilities

Sooooo much holiday fun: relaxing rest and exciting adventure! You’ll find lots of everything here: hiking trails at all altitudes waiting to be discovered; sparkling lakes ranging from refreshingly cool to comfortably warm; mountain bike trails, from leisurely tours to speedy downhills, await bikers; Nordic walking; jogging; idyllic golf courses - whatever you wish for, you can find it in the Nock Mountains.

Just how you want it...

If you want to ride across the prairie like Sitting Bull or Crazy Horse, well-behaved mares and fiery stallions will carry you through the mountains. Perhaps you are interested in a little more of an adrenaline rush? Why not try tandem paragliding?

And even if your ideal holiday activity is lounging in a summer meadow and letting your soul wander, or heading to a shady forest to finally read the book that has been sitting on your nightstand for far too long - while knowing that your children are well taken care of - then you are in the right place at Kirchleitn!

Your summer full of possibilities has only just begun!

PS: What else should you know? Admission to the bathing beach at Lake Millstätter See is included with your stay, you can go horseback riding at the Haflingerhof, the sports school just around the corner has excellent mountain bikes, and and and…!

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