Children petting animals

Petting zoo in the lodge village in Austria

Petting zoo in the chalet hotel in Carinthia

Feel like Mogli in the Alps! The symbiosis between man and animal has a long history in the Nock Mountains. For pets and wild animals, however, attention to needs, habitat design and sustainable cooperation are a matter of course.

While you sleep at night, deer with big antlers, roe deer, roebuck and fawns stroll by your window and if you and your little ones can read their tracks in the morning (“feel the game”, as hunters here say...) you will become truly mindful of nature and will understand why you are staying at Grosswild or Kleinwild.

Visit our small farm with goats, sheep, chickens (who provide us with fresh eggs for breakfast), miniature pigs, rabbits and bunnies - in nature, surrounded by all of our animals, you will have the sense that your life is truly special.

Our petting zoo caretaker Jutta prepares a paradise for animals. Each afternoon, she and her young helpers give the miniature pigs, calves, bunnies, guinea pigs, chicks and lambs plenty of love and attention in the middle of the Kirchleitn holiday lodge village.

See real Black Beauty Friesian horses and ride ponies at the Nockalm horse farm, just a 10-minute walk from Kirchleitn. A weekly hike to the organic farm includes not only a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in the stables, but also lots of information about why cows are allowed to roam free in the barn and why they are so happy in the alpine pastures.

With their natural honey, the village’s active beekeepers of all ages make a sweet contribution to our breakfast buffet.

This natural paradise presents so many opportunities near Kirchleitn, your holiday village with real alpine lodges in Austria - the game preserve is home to red deer, roe deer, chamois, marmots, wood grouse, black grouse, snow grouse, hazel grouse, crows and ravens, rabbits, badgers, foxes; overhead fly songbirds, sparrows and many more feathered friends; and our farm features ranching, hay harvesting and the ceremonial driving down of cattle into the valley each autumn. A hike to one of our many alpine chalets or wine taverns that sell homemade treats is certainly worth a trip! 

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