Kids racing bobby cars


In the car-free holiday village in Austria

Who would have thought that the newly asphalted roads in the Kleinwild Chalet Village would be perfect Bobby-Car speedways? In our car-free village, the purring and rumbling of Bobby-Cars on the Kirchleitn racetrack with “no rules of the road” will awaken curious looks from the terraced stands. Bobby car racing can simply be so much fun!

From a short morning drive before or after breakfast… to the afternoon rush hour when well-mannered little explorers turn on autopilot… and again after dinner (which is really just a waste of time for eager young drivers and adrenaline junkies...) when speedsters continue their racing, finding the best technique around the curves and braking manoeuvres... until mum says that the soles of their shoes are smoking too much and that little ones should start getting ready for bed, that is.

There is an alcohol ban on the racetrack, but not on the parents’ and visitors’ terrace - fresh beer and fine wines will highlight your Bobby-Car viewing experience. Kirchleitn features plenty of crash areas in the lush lawns and the speed is capped thanks to the Bobby-Cars’ maximum speed limit. The special quiet wheels on the cars are not so popular among some drivers, as the sounds of the cars rolling over asphalt are designed to replace the loud roaring of a motor - that’s what the real action lovers think anyway. Just be warned - it could be that a well-loved race car spends the night in front of your apartment when its little driver just can’t be parted from it! Ready for a race? Your little ones will surely get excited if they can spend their lodge  holidays in our chalet village in Carinthia in Austria!   

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