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Mountainbike Tours in Carinthia

Routes in the Nock Mountains

Don’t go it alone! All of our tours are conducted by us or certified bike guides from the Krainer bike centre. Let us help you choose the most suitable tour and get tips on the best routes. In addition to our popular Ladies Bike Tour with owner Margit, Wolfgang also holds Sunrise Tours and you can choose from numerous tours with various levels of difficulty offered by the sports school every day. Many tours start right outside our holiday village.

Guided bike tours


Take a ladies ONLY bike tour around St Oswald with our owner Margit. This short tour includes everything - from an ascent with beautiful views as your reward to easy or difficult descents, depending on your choice and skill level - and it is also a great way to simply experience biking. Be in the middle of nature! Have fun and enjoy yourself!     

Special highlight: childcare during the tour!
Margit will be happy to organise longer expert tours to the cheese dairy, to enjoy an alpine chalet snack or to a lake upon request!


Hike up the mountain from 7:00 am until around 10:00 am, then enjoy a delicious breakfast on the sunny terrace. After a quick shower, you will be ready for the day’s adventures with your entire family. This tour has everything - great ascents, beautiful views, downhill stages and the popular (nearly flat) “Wurzeltrail” that is simply a lot of fun. Join us for this excellent adventure! 


You can sign up for many other fascinating tours with the guides from this sports school, including offers with the bike shuttle with bike trailer in the “Nockbike” region. Plus, the bike centre offers a new programme every week!

Bike Obstacle Course & Tour

The Kirchleitn Bike Obstacle Course is a practice course for beginners and pros, for kids and adults. Technique training with bike guides from the Krainer sports school takes place each week, followed by a ride tailored to participants’ skills.

Overview of the tours and recommendations

Find an overview of tours in the Nock region by visiting:

Some tours start right in front of your front door. We will be happy to help you!
We highly recommend the following tours:


Great views - romantic chalets and alpine farm products!

From Kirchleitn take a romantic water trail approx. 4km and 300m down to Kleinkirchheim. From there you can take the Maibrunn forest trail to the Unterwirt Hüttn to the Maibrunn mountain station. After, take the forest trail to the Wegerhütte with a stop for a bite to eat created from products made at the farm. There are three options to get to Brennsee lake: via the “Old Almweg Trail” (red-black S2), the “Bachweg Trail” (red S1) or the forest road to Brennsee lake where you can go swimming. From there, ride via Obertweng and the water trail back to the starting point of Kirchleitn in St Oswald.

E-MTB: this tour (without 9A variation) can also be done with an e-mountain bike.
9A variation: below the Maibrunn mountain station - turn right off the Maibrunn forest trail - to the Kolmnock summit (1,900m altitude) - then take T9 “Maibrunntrail” along the ridge to the forest trail towards Feldpann-Alpe.
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The tourism office in Bad Kleinkirchheim can be easily reached from Kirchleitn via the romantic water trail and from there you can head uphill towards the Drage Hüttn chalet and the Kaiserburg mountain station. Driving past the Rossalmhütte chalet, follow the ride to the “Strohsack” - don’t forget to take a break here, the views are amazing! The Franz-Klammer-FIS slope starts on the “Strohsack” in winter. But don’t worry about that, you’re here to bike!
After a short meadow trail, your next waypoint is the Maibrunnhütte chalet. A forest trail leads downhill to Bad Kleinkirchheim. We recommend soaking your tired muscles in the thermal bath! Or hit the trail back to Kirchleitn via the water trail (an additional ca. 4km and 300 metres of cumulative elevation gain).

Elevation gain: 905 m
Distance: 17 km
Duration: approx. 3,5 Stunden
Endurance: DIFFICULT
Technical difficulty: MEDIUM
Distance: 5 km, Difference in altitude: 290 m downhill
see the tour map ... withour water trail!

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