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Holidays in the chalet village

Simply go to the most beautiful part of sunny Carinthia, head up to a refreshing 1,350 metres above sea level and leave everyday stress and frustration behind. Suddenly you’ll be right in the heart of what is probably the most exciting holiday village in the Alps.

Do you have children who would like to join up with other kids to form a gang of feisty youngsters on their holiday? Then the Kleinwild Village is perfect for you. For athletic and active families, groups of friends or nature-lovers, or couples looking for a relaxing time, the Grosswild Village just around the corner is great for tons of athletic activities or adventures in the great outdoors. No matter whether you choose to discover the Nock Mountains on a guided tour or alone, everything is possible! In your downtime, you can enjoy your cosy farmhouse apartment and look forward to your next excursion.

Are you ready for new discoveries on a family holiday or a holiday with friends in the mountains? Are you ready to experience, feel, remember? Are you ready for genuine village life? You can have all of this… in Kirchleitn!

The Kirchleitn philosophy

When it comes to our philosophy, we at Kirchleitn gladly join Jean Jacques Rousseau: retour à la nature … back to nature! You have to bend and twist enough in everyday life. On your holiday, we invite you to stand up straight again in the Kleinwild and Grosswild Villages. Here you can be yourself, surrounded by the great outdoors. Feel the wild side in you; the unchained, the gatherer, the hunter.

Here you will live as genuinely as the farmhouses you will stay in. Your pulse will meld with the rhythm of nature. Your kids will blossom, far from plastic and insincere holiday productions. In Kirchleitn, adventure is just outside your front door, every single day of your holiday. On beaten paths and hidden trails, far from dangerous traffic.

Perfect adventure holidays without kitsch and crazy parties… because even we couldn’t improve nature. Instead, we admire and respect it and want to show its beauty.

Our history

In the 1980s, Carinthian builder Robert Rogner had the wonderful idea of creating a holiday village in one of the most beautiful places in the sunny Nock Mountains. Not just any village, but one that should feel as if it had been there forever - sprung up out of the ground, so to speak. He purchased timber from over 600 rustic farmhouses in order to build the 44 Kirchleitn holiday homes according to old, authentic blueprints.

The somewhat dilapidated old village was bought by the Schneeweiss family from St Oswald and completely renovated in a thorough, quality project that carefully preserved the genuine authenticity of the village. Preserved, but not old-fashioned! For exciting, colourful family holidays of today rooted in the wild power of Kirchleitn.

Chalet atmosphere

When the warming fire crackles in the tiled stove in the evening and everyone sits around a big table or on a comfy sofa in the candlelight, you can imagine even today how things must have been way back when. Before there was electricity or TV, back when everything was much, much simpler… step back in time and find yourself again - who wouldn’t want that?!

You’ll also feel the rustic charm in Kirchleitn’s traditional farmhouses from the inside. You’ll be surrounded by wood that has withstood the elements for centuries and that was taken directly from the region’s original farmhouses and stables. The floors, panelled walls and farmhouse cupboards, as well as the cute, modern accents in between - everything exudes warmth and comfort. Romance from yesteryear for our grown-up guests and real adventure in a chalet atmosphere for younger guests. The old wooden beams will certainly not fall on your head! A small yet cosy snowstorm would be just fine.