Kids standing on a biotope with a mascot

Vacation with the extended family & friends

Chalet village in Carinthia

You love your family and want to enjoy your time together on holiday - we are sure of that. That’s why the Kirchleitn Kinderhotel village features programmes for the entire family and for kids alone, letting them totally be themselves and giving mum and dad a bit of time to hit the sauna or enjoy a cosy lie-down in a bed of hay. Things can get pretty lively and creative kiddies compete against their new buddies in ring-toss, scavenger hunts and other fun games in the lodge village.

Fans of more leisurely holidays can relax in peace on a lounge chair whilst their little ones burn off some energy in our natural, car-free holiday village with playgrounds, water play area, small farm with petting zoo, pond, Bobby-Car tracks, swings and a large lawn for running and playing. Make holiday friends in no time on the wayside or the village square. Or enjoy some privacy in your large holiday flat with tiled stove and kitchen. The chalet village will never feel too crowded, even with the other families.

The Kirchleitn motto “Natural playgrounds, no worlds of plastic” captivates leisure-time parents and full-time children alike in the hotel holiday village. Little ones will spend their entire day in the fresh, healthy air; and in the evening, as they are telling you all about their adventures, they will plop into bed, exhausted, so they can get right back out there to look for a freshly laid egg as soon as the rooster announces the morning in the chalet village in Carinthia.

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