Family sitting on a campfire

Holidays with a large family in a lodge in Austria

Lots of family at the holiday village Kirchleitn

Would you prefer to travel, not alone but with your entire family, kids included? Or perhaps your entire family wants to travel from all the corners of the earth to come together once a year? It can certainly be tricky when uncles and aunts, cousins and grandparents all want to have their rooms and restaurant tables next to each other… but in Kirchleitn chalet village, that’s no problem at all!

Spend more time with each other in the lodge village in Carinthia!

Simply book an entire farmhouse with four apartments and you can have more time with each other from morning till night. Kids can play together around the lodge and adults can sit together and enjoy the rustic comfort.

You can also spend your time together at meals. At our large community tables, there is plenty of room for everyone and each member of your family can fill up on our buffet with a great selection of food. Enjoy adventures in the great outdoors exactly as you wish and no one, not the smallest tot in the pram nor grandma or grandpa, will have to stay behind. Family ahoy!

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