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Delicacies from Carinthia

Tenne in the Kleinwild village

For the little ones, mealtime means: “Head to the Tenne!” In the rustic upper floor of the Bauernwirt, we prepare delicious foods for our buffet. Simply check out the selection once more and fill up your plate. The restaurant is decorated with old wooden beams and the sorts of vintage tools that still hang in farmers’ barns today, creating the perfect atmosphere.

Once a week, farmers from the region cook for you in the Tenne. Enjoy the authentic Carinthian specialties right from the source.
Find out more here: Nockfleisch Cooperative

Feeding of wild game in the Grosswild chalet village

Grosswild also boasts its own rustic restaurant, in which you can put together your own breakfast, afternoon snack or dinner from our well-stocked Carinthian specialty buffet. The wide variety at the Wildfütterung, located on the ground floor of the Alten Mühle, will tickle everyone’s palate. Plus, our kitchen pros show what they’re made of at our cooking demonstration station.

The decor of this rustic restaurant is typical of the region in Carinthia: natural larch wood on the walls and benches covered in cow hide in the lounge. Accessories made of wood and bark are reminiscent of woods and fields and the agricultural tradition of the Nock Mountains. Cosiness comes all by itself and everything tastes simply wonderful.

Cuisine and the communities where it is from

Kirchleitn Alte Mühle

ribs, grill, regional

At the à la carte restaurant "Alte Mühle" your gourmet dreams will come true on your plate. We mainly prepare our dishes with regional ingredients like beef ribs, steaks, vegetarien typically Carinthian Kasnudl, strudels and other sweet desserts...

So, go on, enjoy yourself and always remember: “At an alpine chalet, there is no such thing as sin!” Bon appetit!

If you have booked your chalet holiday with the "Kirchleitn Healthy Board", there is only a minor additional charge to pay at the Steak Alm.

Kirchleitn Bauernwirt

Hearty and Tasty

The Bauernwirt, along with the Wilderer Bar and village terrace, is our a-la-carte restaurant in the Kleinwild Village. It is open daily from aprox. 12:00 pm - 17:00 pm and offers a small menu with small, regional dishes for between meals. When the weather is good, you can enjoy these treats outside on the terrace with a view of the village square and playground. In the Wilderer Bar, great place to meet for a drink or two in the evening, you can enjoy an “oafoch g’miatlich” - Austrian for “simply comfortable” - end of your day.

In the Tenne

The upper floor of the Bauernwirt is home to the Tenne, a wonderfully rustic room with approximately 200 seats. The massive wood beams and decor consisting of vintage agricultural tools and skis from the past are reminiscent of an old barn. The Kirchleitn half-board buffets are served here and once a week regional farmers serve up the best Carinthian specialties in the Tenne at the lodge village.

Play: Not with your food, but rather after you eat!

When you eat in the Tenne, you won’t have any stress with your youngsters because once they finish eating and no longer want to sit still, they can join other kids and head to the play area, which can be easily seen from the tables.

Doaswald Cuisine

“Trespass” in foreign areas? - Sure!

When you book your holiday in the Kleinwild chalet Village, you can experience the delicious variety of the “Doaswald Mountain Village Resort” cuisine as part of your half-board. This means you can choose to eat dinner at one of the restaurants nearby!

We ask you to kindly tell the reception by 10:00 am if you will not be going to the evening buffet in the Kleinwild Village. Simply take your family pass with you and you will get a voucher for the restaurant of your choice. If you do not register, we will assume that you are eating with us.

“Doaswald Cuisine” restaurants at a glance.

Nockfleisch Cooperation

Real, natural, and so good!

Together with the Nockfleisch Initiative, we invite you to a very special feast. Once a week, our kitchen team takes the day off and regional farmers take over the Kirchleitn kitchen. They will tie on their aprons and make good use of their cooking utensils. Pots and pans simmer on the stove with delicious treats and baking dishes bubble promisingly in the oven. Bacon, sausage and cheese are cut and beautifully arranged on platters and wooden serving boards…

Bon appetit!

And then the food will be served - and how! The buffet practically buckles under the weight of all the delicious, traditional Carinthian cuisine: juicy roasts, dumplings, bacon, farmhouse bread, traditional Carinthian soup (also called “festival soup”) … and you can get a piece of “Reindling” cake to go with your coffee. You won’t have to look hard for the raisins in the “Reindling” cake, there are plenty in there!

The farmers are always happy to tell you more about their homemade products, their traditional preparation and life on the farm in the Nock Mountains. Perhaps they might even fill you in on a secret recipe or two for your own kitchen at home.

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