Food & beverage

Mission for 60th WASC: Fly in once, fun the sport often, eat & drink plenty, friendship as much as you can.

Short story: One day at the 60th WASC Somebody was thirsty and hungry. Everybody could suffer thirst and hunger but Nobody wants to. Somebody had the idea to order food and beer. Immediately Everybody took food and drinks, Anybody asked Somebody to paid for it and Nobody was upset. Real friendship!

If your last name is THIRSTY and your first name would be ALWAYS - we can handle that.

At the 60th WASC we offer food and drinks:

  • breakfast included per overnight from 7.30 to 10.00 am
  • daily snacks and drinks from 10 am to 10 pm in village Kleinwild, from 3 pm to 10 pm in village Grosswild
  • daily aprés ski party in village Kleinwild 3 pm to 5 pm
  • survival shop in WASC village Grosswild
  • themed TEAM DINNER buffet, all you can eat in village Kleinwild and Grosswild for Euro 29 per person (kids 3-13 years Euro 15) - please reserve tables in advance
  • themed PARTY on Wednesday
  • Final Dinner BANQUET on Thursday


  • Enjoy your daily breakfast for a good start of the day - 7.30 - 10.00 am!

Snacks and drinks

We offer a number of snacks and drinks every day:

  • in your WASC party tent at village Kleinwild from 10am to 10pm
  • on the terrace of WASC village Grosswild from 3pm to 10pm

Après ski party

  • Every day from 3pm to 5pm at village Kleinwild

Survival shop for food and drinks

  • Don’t worry: at the SURVIVAL SHOP your WASC village Grosswild we offer not only water & juice … you will find also BEER, WINE and SPIRITS and some ingredients to prepare a quick meal in your apartment yourself. Reasonable prices!

Themed team dinner buffets

  • Book your Team dinner in our cozy restaurants for a special rate of € 29 “all you can eat” per person
    (kids 0-3 years free, 3-13 years € 15). Daily except Wednesday (Party) and Thursday (final banquet). Reserve your personal TEAM DINNER in advance, get your nice prepared tables and a drink for free! See Reservation form below.

THEMED PARTY on Wednesday
The theme is “One night in BKK” - create your outfit with a crossover-fantasy. Party starts in your WASC village Kleinwild. Not registered pay € 45, kids 3-13 years € 12 (voucher incl. 1 meal and 1 drink).

Final banquet will take place in the famous vintage 60th room of RHI plant, 15-20 min Bus transfer, dinner and drinks till 10pm included. Not registered pay € 100, kids 3-13 years € 50 (incl. drinks till 10pm).

Your team captains evening

If you plan a team captains evening, we are pleased to arrange a reserved area in one of our restaurants. Team specials like a nice keg of a regional beer-brewery on the table, some regional cheese platters or other ideas can be prepared for an unforgettable evening. Book now, don’t wait: FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!